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Winery Tour @Sea

The Ultimate WINE VOYAGE

Cruise travelers seek adventure and entertainment in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Florvino offers the ultimate educational and entertaining wine voyage.  Let your cruise passengers discover award winning flower wines. Let us take your guests into the fields for harvest and into the cellar for wine fermentation and a tasting. 

Florvino brings the winery to the people, together we can bring the winery to the sea.


Have you heard of flower wine & have you tasted it? 

The Florvino flower wines have won multiple awards from San Francisco, to Texas and Canada.  They have been served in high-end European fine dining restaurants and received praise from the top sommeliers of the world. 

Florvino flower wines offer the ultimate treasure to discover at sea.

Here is a taste of the first part of the adventure.

A WIN WIN Proposal

Florvino aims to add value to its customers and all its business relationships.


BENEFITS for cruise liner

Our aim to add value to you:


Florvino’s investors and management team offer the following executive expertise:

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