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About Us

About us

Manny Ortiz, born and raised in Texas, loves wine and good food.  For decades he developed and managed high end restaurants and clubs.  He discovered flower wine when visiting the Spirit Hills Flower Winery in Alberta, Canada.  Manny wanted to bring flower wine to Texas and craft flower wines from Texas flowers and so Florvino was born. 

Florvino’s mission is to add value with all we do.

We add value to our customers by offering a high quality and unique Texas wine product.

We add value to our employees by offering a great work environment, fair wages and growth opportunities.

We add value to all our business partners by optimizing the return on their assets.

We add value to Texas by the trade we create and the unique new Texas flower wine product we bring to the market.  

And we add value to Spirit Hills by further developing the flower wine industry and offering some of their products to customers in the United States. 

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