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WHAT IS flower wine?

Flower wine is predominantly crafted from flowers. The fermentable sugars come from flower nectar and the flavor from flower petals. To create nicely balanced and full bodied flower wines some spices and/or herbs are added in minor quantities.

TEXAS CRAFTED flower wines.

FlorVino's flower wines are crafted from Texas' wildflower nectar and flowers that have cultural relevance to our region. The formulas have been developed by some of the top flower wine makers from around the world to ensure we only bring you the very best flower wines from Texas.

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FlorVino also brings the finest, award winning, flower wines from Spirit Hills in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Spirit Hills flower wines have been served in some of the top fine dining restaurants in the world. 

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THE MAGIC of flower wine COCKTAILS

Flower wines create a new dimension for signature cocktails with their exquisite aroma and seducing, refined flavor. Fine dining restaurants and cocktail bars have crafted bestselling cocktails from flower wines for their discerning customers.

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Our Passion for CREATIVITY

FlorVino crafts some of the most creative wines and also applies creative production methods.  We collaborate with one of the best wineries of Texas Hill Country to bring you our one of a kind flower wines.

Our Passion for COMMUNITY

The experience of wine has to be shared in community. FlorVino collaborates with other wineries and tasting rooms to bring our delicious flavors and our one of a kind flower wine experiences right into your community.

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Order today and receive your delicious FlorVino flower wines delivered to your door within a day to three days.  This service for our customers is delivered by another collaborative family business which delivers the most efficient wine distribution service in Texas.

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Our Passion for CELEBRATION

The success of any brand depends on the word of mouth of its customers.  At FlorVino we celebrate and acknowledge our raving customers.  In the end we build Community together, in Creative Collaboration and all share in the Celebration of success.  Discover, explore and join the FlorVino Rave Club.

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